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The Open Door (Evanescence)

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Sweet Sacrifice

Fear is only in our minds,
Taking over all the time.

One day I’m gonna forget your name,
And one sweet day, you’re gonna drown in my lost pain.

Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes?

Call Me When You’re Sober

Must be exhausting to lose your own game.

You can’t play the victim this time.
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The Hunger Games

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Suzanne Collins

Only I keep wishing I could think of a way…to show the capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than a piece in their games.

I realize, for the first time, how very lonely I’ve been in the arena. How comforting the presence of another human being can be.

Sometimes when things are particularly bad, my brain will give me a happy dream.

I just…I just miss him. And I hate being so alone.

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Изобщо въпросите дават повече простор. Отговорите ограничават.

Силен е не онзи, който може да се изкатери до голяма височина, а онзи, който не допуща да се смъкне по-ниско от веднъж постигнатото.

Забравят те. Могат без тебе.
А ти не можеш без тях.
Излишен си. Не съществуваш.

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