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Death Note

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L: Have you ever spoken a word of truth since you were born?
Light: Everyone can’t be perfect, everyone lies.
L: Even so, I’ll never tell lies that will hurt people that I love…

L: Kira is childish and he hates losing… I’m also childish and hate losing.

L: I don’t sit like this because I want to. I have to sit like this, you see if I were to sit normally my deductive skills would immediately be reduced by roughly 40%.

Misa: I can’t imagine living in a world without Light!!!
L: Yes, that would be dark.
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L: Change The WorLd

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We’re allowed to go on living happy, healthy lives because tens of thousands of animals like this chimp sacrifice their lives. But all people do is kill and hate and do whatever they please. I guess they forgot that nature is what keeps us all alive.

„If you carry out this plan, I will kill you. You will be-“ L took a step forward- „executed!“
Then he handed the woman a lollipop.

No matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world.

Death Note: Another Note

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To Hell with Kira.
What Matters to me is L.
The century’s greatest detective.

„Naomi Misora, are you familiar with the murder investigation going in Los Angeles as we speak?“
„I am not so skilled that I can keep track of all the murder investigations happening in Los Angeles.“
„Oh? I am.“
He’d returned her sarcasm with a boast.

People can smile even when terrified.