EP: Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park)

And One

If anger’s a gift, then I guess I’ve been blessed

Keep it locked up inside
Keep my distance from your lies

Part Of Me

New cuts cover where the old ones are
And now I’m sick of this

I rather not even be then the man that’s staring in the mirror through me

Freedom can be frightening if you’ve never felt it

You can live if you’re willing to
Put a stop to just what’s killing you

Every time I see myself I see there’s always something wrong with me


All her friends know why she can’t sleep at night
All her family asking if she’s alright
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell
Well all she’s got to do is stop kidding herself
She can only fool herself for so long

Fly with me under the wings I gave you,
Try to be closer to me and I’ll save you

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