Papa Roach

She found out she has no soul, but it really doesn’t bother her.
I’m sorry but the party’s over now!
Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore

I’ve got one confession, a love deprivation – I’ve got a jet black heart, it’s all fucked up and it’s falling apart.
Take your past and burn it up and let it go. Carry on…
Papa Roach – To Be Loved

I’m walking on broken glass from the wreckage of my past.
Papa Roach – Reckless

This is just a story of a broken soul.
Papa Roach – Take Me

Emotional swords slash my soul and now the pain – it takes control. I think about you, I think about me… I think about the way that it used to be.
Papa Roach – Time And Time Again

Our scars remind us that the past is real.
My weakness is that I care too much.
Compassion’s in my nature…
Papa Roach – Scars

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